Text Messages And Tech Support Don’t Mix!


Text messaging certainly is a convenient way to communicate with friends and family, but it’s a terrible medium for receiving tech support! So for that reason that I always encourage my clients to use email whenever they wish to send me a non-urgent request for assistance.

The reason I prefer emails over text messaging is because texts are far less tangible… you read them and POOF… they are gone from view. Here’s an example: Let’s say I’m driving to a client’s office with a fresh computer back from the repair shop, when I suddenly get a text message from another client requesting that I update the hours of operation on their website. Now as soon as I read that text, my “new message” indicator goes away, and texts from other people like friends and family pile on top of the client’s text, pushing it down the list. An hour later when I’m back at my own office and making my to-do list for the day, there is nothing to prompt or remind me that the first client had made a request, and chances are good that the request will be forgotten or delayed.

On the other hand, Email is a great way to get tech support, and it is my preferred medium for clients to send me non-urgent requests. Unlike text messages, emails can be flagged, marked read/unread, and can even be organized into folders or to-do lists. For that reason it’s almost impossible for me to forget about a request you’ve made over email, because it sits in plain view in my inbox, and does not go away until I physically remove it.

So if you want something done, definitely email me! I guarantee that I will address your email sooner and with more proficiency than I ever would a text.