Another reason why you need professional maintenance on your website

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Software engineers are smart people, but being smart does not exclude someone from making mistakes. Case in point, the most recent update for WordPress (at the time of writing this post in February 2018) literally broke itself. This article goes into more detail, but the short story is that developers releasing a standard update to the WordPress core software accidentally … Read More

Text Messages And Tech Support Don’t Mix!


Text messaging certainly is a convenient way to communicate with friends and family, but it’s a terrible medium for receiving tech support! So for that reason that I always encourage my clients to use email whenever they wish to send me a non-urgent request for assistance. The reason I prefer emails over text messaging is because texts are far less … Read More

Real Time Threat Response: Included In All DK Design Maintenance Plans


When a client pays me to maintain their website, they get much more than routine software patches and updates (which themselves are quite a valuable service). They also get real time threat defense at the automated software level, as well as at the human level. Believe it or not, your site and the server it’s on are constantly blocking attacks … Read More

Know Your Troll: Domain Registration Service SEO Company

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Don’t fall for this scam! Domain Registration Service SEO Company is one of the more annoying companies that makes its money by trolling unsuspecting website owners. The scam goes like this: 1. They look up publicly-available information, specifically the expiration date, name and email address associated with a domain name. YOUR domain name. 2. If the expiration date is within … Read More

Major WooCommerce Update Illustrates The Need For Professional Maintenance


There I was, logged in to one of my client’s websites, ready to perform a standard update procedure, when a notice from WooCommerce caught my eye: “2.6 is a major update. It is important that you make backups and ensure themes and extensions are 2.6 compatible before upgrading, in particular shipping method extension (Table Rate Shipping) since 2.6 introduces shipping … Read More